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Boysville 2022 Annual Report

These days, when you meet Skye she is happy, kind, and outgoing. In her own words she has a positive spirit, she is always here to help, and she absolutely loves to talk. Skye is a big sister, and when she first arrived here at Boysville she thought that meant she was her siblings’ caretaker.

Boysville 2021 Annual Report

At 22, Kiara is counting her blessings one by one. She is as senior at Texas A&M Corpus Christi majoring in Media Production with a minor in Communications. She competes on the university track team as a long jumper and just added the triple jump to her lineup. She is also a budding musician and very popular influencer on Instagram and Tik Tok with over 300,000 combined followers.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Since she was ten years old, Jaime has loved the idea of foster and adopting a child. After the birth of their two boys, Jamie and Thomas, knew they still had room to grow. Jamie wanted to provide a home but both she and Thomas, were apprehensive that they could be the support system for a child in need. “I always thought you had to be a saint to be a foster parent,” said Jaime.

Better Together

“Originally, we were separated,” said Julian. When older sister, Liz came to Boysville, the group’s case worker along with their CASA worker began advocating for them to be reunited.

John’s Journey

Chief Petty Officer, John Daniel Gee, is not only a role model to his crew and to his family; he is also a role model to the children we serve every day. His success embodies our mission of providing a safe, family environment to children in need so that they can become responsible adults.


When you donate your time and energy to Boysville you help better the lives of every child we serve.

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