Chief Petty Officer, John Daniel Gee, is not only a role model to his crew and to his family; he is also a role model to the children we serve every day. His success embodies our mission of providing a safe, family environment to children in need so that they can become responsible adults. We are proud of Dan and his accomplishments.

Each day we work with children who come from similar situations experienced by Dan. Some have experienced more trauma and abuse. No matter where these children come from, we look to their future. But we need your help to continue providing a home to children who need one.

Our On Campus Family Care Program provides a family to children who need one for as long as they need one. But it is critically underfunded by the state. Our children rely on the community to help them grow into responsible adults.

Please consider a one-time or monthly donation to help us provide for over 80 children every day on our campus.

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When you donate your time and energy to Boysville you help better the lives of every child we serve.