Where Healing Begins

We see children at the lowest point in their young lives.  Removed from the only home they have known, they are confused, sad, angry, and unsure of where they are going.  At Boysville’s Emergency Children’s Shelter, children are welcomed into a home-like setting with a large common room and dining room, semi-private bedrooms, and bath and recreational areas.  Most children arrive only with the clothing they are wearing. Upon arrival, each child receives new clothing and shoes.  The emergency children’s shelter provides around-the-clock-awake staff for maximum safety and support. Children living in the shelter will attend a school in the Judson Independent School District unless otherwise directed by the court system.  In some cases, children will remain at the school they attended before being placed at Boysville to reduce the number of school disruptions.

Boysville’s Emergency Shelter is known for accepting large sibling groups so they may stay together in times of stress. Lovelace Emergency Cottage cares for infants and toddlers.  Ellison Emergency Cottage cares for children and teens, 5-17.

Total Served
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Total Length of Stay

Support Services

There are a variety of support services including psycho-educational, social, behavior management, goal setting and crisis intervention.  Children may stay up to 90 days in our Emergency Shelter.  After a 30-day stay in the Emergency Shelter, a child may be considered for placement in our Residential Program or in our Community-Based Foster Care Program. Other children may be successfully reunited with their parents or family members or moved to appropriate alternative care depending on their needs.

Private Placement Philosophy

Boysville accepts private-placed children whose families are in crisis as a result of illness, unemployment, poverty, abuse, neglect, or homelessness. Children are admitted without regard to race, religion, ethnicity or their family’s ability to pay for services. We want to help every child.

For placement into Boysville, a telephone screening conducted by our shelter staff begins the intake process. If it is determined Boysville can help the child, a date will then be set for placement into our Emergency Shelter. Emergency placements can be done immediately if the shelter director gives approval. During a 30-day placement, an assessment will be conducted to include daily written observations by the shelter caregivers, mental health assessment by the Director of Clinical Services, academic assessments by the Learning Center staff and a weekly review of individual progress by the assessment team. This assessment determines if Boysville can help the child or if the child requires more extensive care.

Once the 30-day period is completed and it is determined that the child will remain at Boysville, he or she will be placed in an age-appropriate and gender-appropriate cottage.

For placement into the shelter, the following is required:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Immunization record
  • Withdrawal forms from school
  • Documents pertaining to custody or guardianship


When you donate your time and energy to Boysville you help better the lives of every child we serve.