At 18 years old, Dom was given three options: he could sign himself out of care; enroll in a program in Austin, Texas; or enroll in Boysville’s Supervised Independent Living Program (SIL).  Dom chose Boysville.

“I was at Boysville in the Emergency Shelter in 2014 or 15,” he said. “I wanted to come back.”

Born in California, Dom came to Texas at a young age.  He really likes living in Texas.

“It’s a slower paced life style,” he said. “I remember California as being fast-paced.  But I like it here.”

Dom is attending his final year of high school and now has his eyes on college.  He hopes to go to University of Texas in San Antonio.

“Being at Boysville means I don’t have to live placement to placement,” said Dom.  He is able to focus solely on graduation and he is able to enjoy all the “perks” of his Senior year,  he says while smiling broadly.  “SIL has turned my life around.”

He has settled into his cottage, made friends with the other young adults and with the staff.  His favorite staff is Miss Crystal (Walker), who is a resident advisor and Boysville alumni.  “I can relate to her because she has been in care.”

Dom is a senior at Judson High School and set to graduate in May.  He played on the Judson football team as a free safety, but did most of his playing time on special teams.  Now he is currently on the track team.

He likes to stay busy when not in school.  He exercises, hangs out with his cottage “brothers” and is a member of the Boysville basketball team.  He likes that he is a leader on the team to the younger players.

“It makes me feel like I am more than I think I am,” the shy young man said.  “I feel like I am actually doing something.”

Dom has a big heart.  He hopes to find a career in medicine or social work.  He would like to give back to the community.

“God put me through all this stuff for a reason,” he said. “Maybe it was so I could help others.”

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