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For your convenience, we have listed a few of the most common questions we receive about our work at Boysville. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at (210) 659-1901. Our staff is more than willing to speak with you about any Boysville questions or concerns. 

What kinds of children do you have at Boysville?2021-01-21T13:50:35-06:00

We have boys and girls of all racial, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, from all over South Texas. Children come to Boysville because of abuse, neglect, abandonment or family disruption. They are basically good kids who have gotten some hard knocks in life. Since Boysville first opened its doors in 1943, we have provided a safe, structured and family-like home for wayward boys. Since 1986 that same care has been extended to girls. Our main concern when considering a child for placement is this: Are we capable of meeting this child’s needs?

Who is responsible for placing children at Boysville?2021-01-21T13:51:04-06:00

Most often, a parent or relative has determined that a child would be better off living at Boysville than in his or her current situation in the family’s home. About 1/4 of our children are referred from private placements and the other 3/4 are placed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services or the court system.

How long does a child stay at Boysville?2021-01-21T13:51:23-06:00

Duration of stay is met on a case-by-case basis. During a child’s stay, we actively work with the parents and the child to reunite the family. If and when goals are met, we recommend that the child return to the parent if the family is ready. Of course, privately placed children may leave at any time upon the request of the parent.

Do the children receive religious instruction?2021-01-21T13:55:27-06:00

While Boysville is, and always has been, a non-sectarian home for children, we believe spiritual development is vital to healing the wounds of abuse and neglect. Our children attend church and Sunday school with their cottage family each week. Also, prayers are spoken at every meal and devotions are given every morning. For special services, we gather in a small, non-denominational chapel on campus.

Where do the children go to school?2021-01-21T13:56:07-06:00

All of our long-term residents attend public schools nearby in the acclaimed Judson Independent School District. Boysville has enjoyed a strong and positive relationship with the district’s faculty and administrators for more than 40 years. We also have tutors available in our Spencer Library for students needing additional help with their schoolwork. Children in our Emergency Shelter continue to attend the same school in which they were attending when they were brought into Boysville’s care.

What happens when a child completes high school?2021-01-21T14:08:24-06:00

Some Boysville alumni join the workforce directly, some acquire additional vocational training, some enter military service and others enter college on scholarship assistance from Boysville.

Why would a child not be admitted to Boysville?2021-01-21T14:08:49-06:00

For the safety of our residents, children who have exhibited gang affiliation, drug or alcohol abuse, have a history of chronic runaway or extreme aggressive behavior, exhibit an inability to work within limits set by an appropriate caregiver or have a history of fire setting or cruelty to animals cannot live at Boysville.

How old are the children in your programs?2021-01-21T14:09:14-06:00

Children are generally ages five through 18 (kindergarten through high school). However, occasionally Boysville will accept younger children when they have older siblings here. Typically, brothers may live together in a boys’ cottage or sisters may live together in a girls’ cottage. This is one of the advantages of our family-based care environment. In the Emergency Shelter, children can range in age from infancy through 17 years old. The Independent Living Program is designed for older youth who range in age from 18 to their 23rd birthday.

Who are the legal guardians of the boys and girls at Boysville?2021-01-21T14:09:42-06:00

The parent or court-appointed person or agency that places the child at Boysville is the guardian. The courts, exercising their power, often directly place children at Boysville.

What types of facilities do you have?2021-01-21T14:10:10-06:00

Our pastoral-campus setting is centered around our residential cottages. Recreational facilities include our Chrysanthemum Gymnasium with the Holden Basketball Court, weight room and game room. We also have an outdoor swimming pool and several outdoor recreation areas including ball fields and play structures. Educational facilities include a library, computer lab and classroom. We have a Chapel and an Arts & Crafts room. In addition to the Administration Building, we have an on-campus commissary, a barn, farm buildings and a picnic pavilion. We also have an Emergency Shelter & Counseling Center. It was built in 1995 to provide a safe haven to children in immediate danger, as well as assessment services for all referrals.

What are the living arrangements?2021-01-21T14:12:17-06:00

The Emergency Shelter

At our Emergency Shelter, children reside in a home-like setting that provides around-the-clock awake staff for maximum safety and support. There are two cottages dedicated to the emergency shelter, one cottage is for the younger youth in Boysville’s care that has specifically been renovated to house up to 12 infants and toddlers. The second cottage is for older youth that can house up to 18 children. These cottages are headed by Youth Care Workers who provide basic behavioral, disciplinary and living skills that are taught to each boy and girl.

The Independent Living Program

The Independent Living program is for older youth who are 18 or older and can live more independently. There are two cottages in this program, one for boys and another for girls. These cottages provide more of a dorm like setting and the youth live with a Resident Assistant. Boysville also has apartments on campus for the youth who have demonstrated responsibility to live in their own in the apartment.

Residential Care Cottages

A family arrangement is maintained in each Residential Care cottage. The cottage family is headed by houseparents – a married couple that serves as the primary providers for the children’s daily needs. The houseparents form a warm, caring family with their youth as they guide and instruct them on a 24-hour basis, seeing that their physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs are met. It’s a full-time vocation, and while they are assisted in their work by other child care professionals, the houseparents are responsible for the majority of basic behavioral, disciplinary and living skills that are taught to each boy or girl. Many of our houseparents also have their own children living with them. Cottage homes are single gender, and each has a group of eight to twelve boys or girls.

Do houseparents have other jobs?2021-01-21T14:16:38-06:00

No. Being a positive adult role model, counseling, teaching, loving and caring for up to 12 youngsters is a challenging career in itself. However, some of our houseparents have additional responsibilities on campus during the time their children are at school.

Where is Boysville located?2021-01-21T14:17:24-06:00

Boysville has its sole campus northeast of San Antonio, Texas in the city limits of Converse. It’s located at 8555 East Loop 1604 North, across from Randolph AFB and just up the road from Judson High School. (Boysville is not affiliated with any national or international children’s home.)

What other programs and services do you offer?2021-01-21T14:18:06-06:00
  • Therapeutic Counseling including Individual, Group, Family
  • Mentoring (in conjunction with the Southwest Winners Foundation)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Compensatory Education: Tutoring, Study hall, Daily & weekly academic progress monitoring, Summer School
  • Athletic & Sports activities
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Camp Independence
  • Independent Living
  • Camp Eagle Wings
  • H.E.B. Camp
  • Camp Wild Beast
  • Life Skills Training through P.A.L. (Preparation for Adult Living)


When you donate your time and energy to Boysville you help better the lives of every child we serve.

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